I just want to thank you for the beauty that you helped me see with your special horses.
From the experience, I really appriciate you and horses invited me to find what I exactly needed.
I learned how calm it can be to be me and learned it is ok to keep you space for myself and also to others. I knew I was not good at keeping distance with others, but I just did not know how, or, was not sure if it is right thing to do.
Also I told my story to a friend of mine,who is really good doctor but now taking a break for depresssion, and we were able to share the message in tears. It has been hard for me to find how to cheer her up, but you gave me the chance and I am really glad. Thank you.

Kate is my now 29 year old mare who has been with me since she was 12 years old.  To make a long story short; I carried a lot of guilt about my dismissal of Kate when I decided to 'retire' her when she got older and no longer suited my needs.  The relationship between us soured considerably at this time, and when I visited her in her new retirement place, she would never appear at all happy, and be so offended and bite me, and even once reared and hit me on the head!  

My name is Hannah Brown and I am a twenty three years old. I live in Perth, Western Australia. My passion is to write, my calling is to embrace and share my I AM. This is my ‘George Experience’.

First Memory

The first thing I remember about George is his dominance, his grandness, and his sovereignty. This was well over a year ago (sometime in 2011) when I visited Petra’s house with my mum, and while I was quite content to stay in the house, they wanted to go out to the top paddock to see the horses. I did not understand this desire of theirs, as I did not share it.

I accompanied them anyway, hanging back, only interested in the little shetland, Rosie, for I thought she was smaller and therefore less scary than George, the big horse.

Since the lesson I have been thinking about what I learned / experienced and had a profound breakthrough in how I perceive myself.  This has also led me to a whole new realisation about my horse's behaviour.

Anna H., Western Australia

“The only true voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but rather in seeing with new eyes.” Marcel Proust


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firehorse dancing with my horses