Energetic Leadership

Horse consciousness has much to do with becoming aware in the present moment to be able to perceive what might be going on. When I am talking about "Energetic Leadership", I am talking about two relationships:

  1. The relationship to your horse
  2. The relationship to yourself

and how much they are actually the same thing.

In this section I will be talking about experiences made by me or others and the pondering of them on an energetic level. Enjoy!

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I had visitors and they brought along a little three year old girl who I have never met before. It was a social visit, sort of for coffee and cake and just to hang out.

As we enjoyed the beautiful sun on the verandah, George came to see what was going on. My horses have free access to come right up to the house and the only thing that stops them from coming onto the verandah is that the verandah is about 60cm above ground level.

I noticed straight from the beginning how different this little girl was. She was so very clear within herself. She was so absolutely in the presence and she was also acutely aware of her environment, not that she was aware in the sense of being alert, no she just was aware. 

Today while out shopping I was drawn to a stand that was managed by some old ladies who were selling things for a good cause. There was a little teddy bear who reminded me very much of Rosie's energy. I purchased the little fellow and took him home with me. Later in the afternoon, I decided to introduce the new friend to my horses. 

George, my thoroughbred mustered the little bear with some interest, acknowledge him and then went on with what he was doing.

When I introduced Rene (I had named the bear in the meantime) to Rosie, my miniature pony, she started to whinny and nicker, sniffed him, gently inspected all his features and whinnied calmly while she was doing this. She gently took his paw between her lips and muzzled the bear all over. 

I was so surprised about her reaction, it almost felt she had found a long lost friend, she would not take her eyes of him.

I was wondering if any of you have had a similar experience with one of your horses? Tell me about it by leaving a comment.

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“It is not about practising but enjoying whatever you do. There is nothing to be bettered, nothing to be achieved. Bliss lies in the joy!” Petra Webstein


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