Energetic Leadership

Horse consciousness has much to do with becoming aware in the present moment to be able to perceive what might be going on. When I am talking about "Energetic Leadership", I am talking about two relationships:

  1. The relationship to your horse
  2. The relationship to yourself

and how much they are actually the same thing.

In this section I will be talking about experiences made by me or others and the pondering of them on an energetic level. Enjoy!

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The more time I spend with my horses the more I find that they are the very best and most honest reflections of myself. The basis of this is that I allow myself to feel what is going on inside of me in each and every second of my encounter with them. 

The component of the spirit, which forms the basis of all life and ties everything to each other, much like the mortar makes the house possible, is a very strong building block in the connection to a horse. It is the ground work for everything to come thereafter and makes the difference between heaven and earth to the actual work with the horses.

But how do we bring this component into being. What is it?

Are there not very magical horse persons out there? Their "methods", if we want to call them so, are different, but still the outcome magical. What is the common denominator amongst them all? Maybe the question to be asked is, what is their genius?

A little story with a profound truth. George had injured his knee and part of the daily routine was that I would wash the wound to keep it clean.

I had a friend with me who was never in contact with horses before but was quite fond of my horses and had spent time, hanging out with them, feeding them all sorts of goodies. So I asked him if he would be willing to hold George for me as I knew George was not too keen on this kind of treatment.

oh yes, she does.

Rosie is a small shetland pony. She came to me when she was around 11 years of age. I simply wanted a paddock friend for George, I did not want another "big" horse, no just something easy and self sufficient really.

Rosie was given to me. The lady who gave her to me was very honest to me about Rosie. She said that she was rescued and she wanted to integrate her into her herd of miniatures. But Rosie beat them all up, even the stallion. Rosie was tough, she knew how to fight with whatever she had. Eventually the lady put her together with her thoroughbred and Rosie was content.

I often get my best inspirations when I just quietly sit with my horses, doing nothing, just enjoying their company and nature. Here is one of my revelations that I find quite profound for myself and I would like to share it with you. Here are my ponderings:

A message from George put into words by Petra Webstein:

"I am just pacing. I am worried about something and to help releasing that tension within me, I need to pace and run! Don't try to stop or manipulate me, so you can feel better! I am out of here, get out of my way.

Look deep within yourself and find what I am showing to you now. It is my job to help you find mastery of yourself. I will always bring you back to yourself. If your response does not come from the true authentic you but as an attempt to fix a situation, you will not have my ultimate respect and love. 

Unless you truly understand this and you are the master of yourself, I can not follow your lead or guidance. I do not succumb to manipulation or bribery. I might play the game with you but you feel within you that you have lost. I am free and never will be harnessed.

However, if you can feel the resonance within you and as a true master can command your own energies within you to serve you, I will happily follow suit!

It only takes awareness, acceptance, clarity and a clear choice. It can only be done within you, my dear master, and I am happy to fall in line with your energy!"

You find a little excerpt of this in the blog "Take a deep breath".

I was invited to a lady’s luncheon and I loved the ladies that would be there and the interaction with them but on this day there was an uncomfortable feeling in the air. I could not make it out.

When I locked the house to leave, I noticed George and Rosie standing next to each other, looking at me as if they would say: “When are you leaving, we plan to romp and roam the way we like.”

Hmmh, there eyes were full of love and they paid attention to each of my movement. I blew them a kiss and went on my way.

I met a lady friend of mine and we changed into her car and drove to the luncheon which was a feast and a joy. There was a pool and the offer was extended that we could indeed have a splash if we wanted. I wanted to but something held me back.

I had visitors and they brought along a little three year old girl who I have never met before. It was a social visit, sort of for coffee and cake and just to hang out.

As we enjoyed the beautiful sun on the verandah, George came to see what was going on. My horses have free access to come right up to the house and the only thing that stops them from coming onto the verandah is that the verandah is about 60cm above ground level.

I noticed straight from the beginning how different this little girl was. She was so very clear within herself. She was so absolutely in the presence and she was also acutely aware of her environment, not that she was aware in the sense of being alert, no she just was aware. 

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“Don't fix me, respond to me!” Petra Webstein


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