Energetic Leadership

Horse consciousness has much to do with becoming aware in the present moment to be able to perceive what might be going on. When I am talking about "Energetic Leadership", I am talking about two relationships:

  1. The relationship to your horse
  2. The relationship to yourself

and how much they are actually the same thing.

In this section I will be talking about experiences made by me or others and the pondering of them on an energetic level. Enjoy!

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Practical Goodies

These are things I have been exploring and using quite successfully. However I feel it might be different on different horses, so please use your discernment should you want to try it. Please be aware, I am no vet, and I do not have any papers to state that I have a certain knowledge. So you are responsible for your results.

“If your horse is not moving well, seek within yourself. Almost invariably, you will be the reason.” Rudolf G. Binding


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